Cosmetics that awaken your latent beauty

Hifumi Ogawa

Suffered from adult acne and established an information website in around 2000.
With the explosive popularity of the website, decided to launch an original cosmetics brand.
Established ETVOS in May 2007.
In her private life, is a mother of three.

-What led you to start your own cosmetics brand?

I myself suffered from adult acne for many years. Acne prone skin and rough skin have lost their barrier function and become dried out.
Restoring beautiful skin requires sophisticated skin care products with a firm foundation and cosmetics that do not impose a burden on skin nor require cleansing, but I could not find either that was truly adequate. I decided instead to make them myself. I had no experience in the cosmetics industry and was fumbling my way through, but my strong desire to make really good products no matter what must have reached others, because I received considerable support from many people, including dermatology specialists, and somehow made it to where I am today, selling actual products.

-What concepts are your products based on?

In both our cosmetics products and skin care products, we strive to create reliable results with simple ingredients that are unembellished, easy to use and inexpensive, so you can continue using them a long time.
For example, our cosmetics must have good coverage but be easily removed with soap and create skin that is not dull. Also, we eliminate the stress from messiness or spilling of powders by fitting powder containers with a shifter that opens and closes.
The skin care products contain large quantities of ceramides, amino acids and other ingredients that are naturally found in skin to boost its basic intrinsic power.
These ingredients are quite expensive, so products made with a priority on cost can only use them in small amounts. At ETVOS, however, we prioritize results, and we therefore add large amounts of the ingredients and search for other ways to keep the cost to a minimum.
We strive for product development that puts the end user first, not the manufacturer, including the smallest details, so that those who try ETVOS products are glad they did.

-Is it true that you incorporate employee feedback into the products?

About 90% of our employees are women, so they monitor the product effects. They apply different products to each side of their face to compare them, and we have employees with different skin types try the same products. We have a lot of fun monitoring products together.
Products that are a hit at the company are often popular with customers. Of course we also value customer feedback very highly. We listen to every piece of feedback we receive, and use it to improve existing products and develop new ones.
ETVOS products are made in small lots at our own factory, so we can alter the formulation relatively quickly, allowing us to promptly reflect customer feedback in our products.

-Lastly, can you give a message to ETVOS users?

I suffered a great deal because of my skin, so when customers tell me “My skin turned beautiful after using ETVOS” or “I can now wear makeup that doesn’t damage my skin,” I feel so glad I made the products and do not want to betray such comments.
We will continue without faltering to make simple products that easily bring out your beauty.
We will also further enhance the quality, packaging, texture, fragrance and other elements of the products to strengthen women’s joy of using cosmetics, so please keep following!

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