ETVOS takes care of your skin by tapping your latent beauty with only products that are truly and reliably superior. This is the thought infused in ETVOS, the brand you have surely been searching for.


Synergy between cosmetics and skin care products

Simply changing only your cosmetics products or your skin care products will not make your skin beautiful. The effects of changing your skin care regimen depend on the types of cosmetic used. The most significant cause of skin trouble is powerful cleansing.
Powerful cleansing is needed to remove strong cosmetics, but it can also destroy the oils and barrier function your skin requires.
The answer that ETVOS arrived at in its search for beautiful skin is a combination of natural science based skin care products and mineral cosmetics that do not require cleansing.
Mineral cosmetics do no harm to skin and raise skin functioning when used in combination with the latest skin care products. The synergy between the two lets ETVOS bring out your natural beauty even more.


Revolutionary skin care with natural science

ETVOS skin care aims to raise your skin’s intrinsic and basic functioning to revive and maintain youthful skin. We have strived to achieve this with ongoing product development based on medical findings obtained through monitoring by doctors of medicine conducting research on dermatology since the brand’s founding.
The four skin care product lines contain large volumes of human ceramides, amino acids and other highly functional beauty ingredients, as well as argan, apple stem cells, plant-derived POs-Ca® (phosphoryl oligosaccharides of calcium) and other “plant power” agents in formulations to match your skin type. We continue to offer skin care products that let you experience natural science with reliable results based on the consummate formulations that are not swayed by trends.
*POs-Ca®is a registered trademark of Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.


Stress-free mineral cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics made with natural minerals do not block pores, do not require cleansing and do not impose a burden on your skin.
ETVOS believes that appropriate skin care products and stress-free cosmetics are essential for raising skin power, and became the first company in Japan to launch a domestic mineral cosmetics line.
The products contain highly-refined mica, mineral-coated titanium oxide and other carefully selected ingredients in the best possible formulation.
In addition, human ceramides -- a key ingredient in skin care products -- are also contained in the cosmetics products. The products will give you clear skin that is free of dullness with products that always feel light on your skin.
Satiate yourself with ETVOS cosmetics based on skin care concepts.


Reliable, affordable products that you can continue using

Because if you like ETVOS, we want you to continue using it.
ETVOS lowers distribution costs by integrating all processes from manufacturing to sales at its own production plant that doubles as a research institute. ETVOS takes special care to produce excellent high-quality cosmetics made with the finest ingredients.
Consideration is also given to the environment, with simple containers and packaging that is not wasteful despite its elegance.
To persist in creating high quality, attractive products you can use comfortably without worry, ETVOS will continue evolving in its quest for beautiful skin for women.


Simple skin care achieved by a skin specialist
I have conducted ongoing research and development based on dermatology to create skin care and cosmetics products that can even be used on sensitive skin.
I select ingredients that your skin requires to create products you can trust.
Takaoka koji
Koji Takaoka Doctor of Medicine. Skin specialist who has been conducting dermatology research for over 20 years. As an ETVOS director, has been involved in its research and development since the brand’s founding.
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